≻ Guidelines for Web Developers

Welcome to the companion website of HTML5: Guidelines for Web Developers by Klaus Förster and Bernd Öggl, to be published by Addison-Wesley USA in 2011. Here you will find the source code of the examples in the book, all figures from the book in original size, plus lists of the links used in the text. If you would like to leave feedback or report any errors and bugs, please use the e-mail contact above.

Book preview. Bill Miller & John Smith with a flacon of the newest HTML N°5 perfume. Bill asks John: DO I SMELL SOUNDS? John replies: YES, AND VIDEO, SEMANTICS, DYNAMICS TOO!

Chapter navigation

  1. Overview of the new web standard
  2. Structure and semantics for documents
  3. Intelligent forms
  4. Video and audio
  5. Canvas
  6. SVG and MathML
  7. Geolocation
  8. Web storage and offline web applications
  9. WebSockets
  10. Web Workers
  11. Microdata
  12. Finishing touches: some global attributes