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Two groups in a tug of war. The W3C on the left, the WHATWG on the right. The outcome is open, neither can gain the upper hand.

Tug of war between W3C and WHATWG enters decisive phase

Klaus Förster,

The tug of war between W3C and WHATWG enters the next and hopefully final round. This time, the bone of contention is the preface to the approximately 1000-page print edition which is to be published at the same time as the official release of the HTML5 standard on July 4th. Give credit where credit is due is Ian Hickson's commit message in Revision 11464 of the specification, and he includes an acknowledgement of his tomcat Hedral in the preface.

Utterly unacceptable! counters Sam Ruby and demands that the relevant passage be removed or at least revised. If credit is due, then it is certainly to Sir Tim Berners Lee – you should thank him and only him! claims Sam Ruby and threatens to subject the story to a crucial vote by the W3C.

This brings back memories of the highly emotional debate of two years ago, when Ian Hickson suddenly replaced the criteria PASS and FAIL with CAT and DOG overnight in several thousand tests of the test series. Back then, the W3C managed to prevail ...