Click to tick! Creator

With this application you can create data files for the Click to tick! game. You first need to select a map section, either by double-clicking (zoom) or dragging the map (pan), or by changing the numbers in the form fields. Then click Record. You can now digitize the desired locations directly in the map. Each click on the map adds a code line below the map setting, editable with contenteditable. You need to adapt the following entries: setup.gid (running number), setup.title (title) and for setup.locations the location as character string "thePlace". You can then copy the code block and save it as a new file. Naming convention: click2tick_game0000.js, replacing "0000" with the running number from the variable setup.gid. The setup of an existing game can be loaded by clicking on the loadData buttons.

Center and zoom level lat= lng= zoom=
Javascript code